America/Denver America/Denver America/Denver 20181104T020000 -0600 -0700 20191103T020000 MST 20190310T020000 -0700 -0600 MDT 20190424T000131Z Outside Bike & Brew Festival is one of the most exciting and innovative cycling and craft beer festivals in the country. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico this weekend is filled with biking bliss for professional and amateur riders, bike builders, beer drinkers and music lovers from around the country.   More info at 20170518 20170522 Santa Fe, NM, USA 0 Outside Bike & Brew Festival 2017 free Bike & Brew Festival 20190424T000131Z 20190427 20190428 La Tierra Trails @ 1105 La Cuchara Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87506 0 La Tierra Torture 2019 free 20190424T000131Z Come with us on Santa Fe’s 34th Annual Century Ride! Registration Opens January 1, 2019 Enlarge Route Map • Vintage bike celebration will return for 2019.Come ride with us and enjoy:• Great camaraderie• Great food stops• Great support from volunteers, all working to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride• Great scenery• Great challenges for all abilities Bicycle New Mexico Miles of history pass under your wheels as you bicycle down the ancient Turquoise Trail through the old mining towns of Madrid and Golden, across the mineral rich Ortiz and San Pedro Mountains, onwards through the Galisteo Basin to the old village of Galisteo, and back into scenic Santa Fe.  The Santa Fe Century is the first major cycling event in the spring in the Southwest. The weather in May is moderate and provides an opportunity to shed the winter gear for some wonderful springtime riding in Santa Fe, New Mexico.The mission of the Santa Fe Century is to get people interested in cycling and to have fun doing it! Our ride is primarily volunteer led and organized. We welcome riders of all ages and abilities. More information at   20190519 20190520 Santa Fe Community College @ 6401 Richards Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87508 0 Santa Fe Century 2019 free thumbnail;/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/7C3EA4AD-1426-496B-A194-4AFF9D4DCB95-150x150.jpeg;150;150;1,medium;/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/7C3EA4AD-1426-496B-A194-4AFF9D4DCB95-300x278.jpeg;300;278;1,large;/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/7C3EA4AD-1426-496B-A194-4AFF9D4DCB95.jpeg;324;300; Century,Gran Fondo,Road Varies on Distance 20190424T000131Z Adventure Cycling Association; 20190531 20190603 0 Adventre Cycling Association’s “National Bike Travel Weekend 2019” free Bike Travel 20190424T000131Z Good afternoon to all! We here at Sirius Cycles will be offering a Bicycle Mechanic Basics series of classes in the foreseeable future in 2017. Sirius Cycles will be instructing fellow cyclists on how to perform basic roadside repairs to their bicycles in an efficient way. Participants will be required to pay a small fee for the instruction (We are still determining the proper costs for each class we offer.). We also encourage cyclists to let us know what other classes they would like us to offer. Additional information will be coming up shortly. Enjoy the ride. -Clemente 20170209T180000 20170209T191500 Sirius Cycles @ 2801 Rodeo Rd. Suite B-8 FREQ=MONTHLY;UNTIL=20170223T235959Z;BYDAY=1TH 0 Bicycle Mechanic Basics 2017 free