An Act of Gratitude…


As we have seen, the universe acts in a mysterious way, giving and taking at a speed much greater than our cerebrums are able to undertake. Our world moves at such a rapid pace that occasionally we are unsure of where we are in time and space. This has shown myself that it is very easy to lose track of the orientation of my previous footsteps, turning around and realizing that I may have missed a few directional points of reference.

This is an act of gratitude that sometimes the journey one has set themselves on has no beginning or end. A beginning perhaps, as an initial footstep has to be taken, but this does not always mean a straight path. Of course, as many individuals on this planet, I do my best to fortify myself with any new challenges and goals for the calendar year ahead, but unsure if any of these will manifest.

But as such states and intentions go, these will oscillate and produce significant or insignificant results.

Perhaps as you did, I myself had many stated intentions with this in mind; some became an actuality while others remained shelved until the time reveals itself.

During these moments of contemplation as to what may come, I try to tune in with my environment, the land I reside on and the cultivations of relationships with my community, locally and international.

These last 366 days (February had 29 days, just in case it was missed) were used and crafted much differently than I envisioned, with positives and negatives, accompanied by high and low frequencies. Not to diminish the true magic of it, the moments were quite intriguing and worth of much introspection.

That being said, I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation of the environment that I live in.

The wildlife (roadrunners, bears, rabbits, coyotes, hawks, snakes, felines, deer, ravens…), humans, trees, sunsets, clouds, dream states and stellar formations that spoke to me in boisterous and minuscule ways, I would like to show my gratitude and thankfulness for opportunities like this do not present themselves too often.

While a different, maybe new, paradigm has shown its character and asking us to participate, in any way that you may feel that it is, the path that lies ahead for each individual is unique to themselves alone.

That path could include (as many I have to achieve…):

a new book,

the studying of a subject you are aware of but have limited knowledge and information,

a new relationship you have been attempting to establish

the contemplation of contradictions

less debate, more relate

improved communication and verbal skills

more art, less blame

less deposits to the attention economy and more investment in the internal economy

more observation of cardinal points; more looking up to the heavens and the earth

the acceptance of outcomes and how an adjustment can be attained

a contribution to that cauldron you constantly withdraw from; do not bring just enough for yourself


Again, I would like to extend my appreciation of this life I have been granted, with the hopes that some of that blue-flame brilliance that has been shown to me can remain as stable as possible in what lies ahead.

The diamond is a cumulative expression of intense pressure…

-Sirius Cycles