Aquarius’ Chariots (Bruce’s 1979 ‘Trek 710’)


2020 was a year when folks from many different riding backgrounds visited the shop in earnest to get some bike work performed on the machines.

While I feel that every individuals’ personal vehicle is their own to adore and admire, I found myself intrigued by what some folks had lying in their garages, under a portal, or in apartments or homes. This is Bruce’s Trek, built in 1979, which I had the opportunity to get it up to speed for his preferences and enjoyment.

Bruce is a seasoned rider, but as many rider’s terrains differ and experiences lead to new pastures, his past set-up was not conducive to an aging physique (By the way, he is not old.). Many leg rotations over any significant time will inform you as to whether you are keeping even with consistency or falling behind in what you thought you could do.


Through several conversations we have gotten to know each other better and what we like about our bicycles and what we would like to change. Bruce had wanted to try some changes to his machine, but was apprehensive to go head-long in to expenses that may not be fruitful. He had to opportunity to have some different length cranks to address a nagging knee pain when the road’s grade increased. I was able to fit him on some 172.5mm cranks, down from 175mm. Such a shortening of the length of crank can produce some positive results for individuals by opening the hip angle and sometimes an increased cadence.


Along with this new crank length, he also inquired about the benefits of a  narrower handlebar width as he found that he purchased many years ago may no longer serve his needs. We decided to keep the same shape of handlebar with a reduction in size, from 48cm to 42cm. Suffice to say that this a rather drastic change in size widths (3cm’s each side).


Bruce’s research and enthusiasm into the matter led him to the moment in pursuing the Nitto Mod 177 Noodle Handlebar 42cm’s and accepting the results, as any trial and error process should dictate. Some new René Here Stampede Pass Extralight tires and Supacaz’ Super Sticky Kush ‘Coffee’ bar tape will always liven any bicycle to a degree.

Sure it would it take a few rides to give the bike a proper testing Confidently his response after his first trip was that “it’s the most ‘efficient’ it has ever been & that is saying a lot for a for a 42yr. old bike. Now all I have to do is improve the engine.”
I’m right there with you Bruce; no doubt my engine could definitely use some improvement as well.

Enjoy your ride…

-Sirius Cycles