Cranksgiving 2019, a food drive on two wheels, this Nov. 16th.


Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest; but who feels it, knows it, especially as the winter months will soon be upon us.

I have not had an opportunity to participate in Cranksgiving in all the years it has been happening (10years so far…) But this year I’ll definitely be there.

It’s still hard to understand that while there is so much abundance in this world, some folks will just not be able to make ends meet. Housing, transportation costs, medical expenses and food security are but a few of these challenges.

For the past 10 years an event known as ‘Cranksgiving’ has been there to help alleviate some these pressures in many cities across the Hemispheres.

You may come across some yellow bins a certain business you visit. Make sure to drop an item (or many…!) inside these as it will go to someone in need. The food drive known as Cranksgiving will evolve as the years go by and Sirius Cycles will continue to be part of it hence forth.

If you are in Santa Fe, bring all your food donations to your local bike shop or your closest Albertson’s grocery store by Nov. 14th. You can also register for it here on Cranksgiving Santa Fe’s event page.


Sirius Cycles will be open from 2pm-4:30pm on November 16th in order to participate in Cranksgiving 2019.