Los Lunas Brevet (200km-via Moriarty/Route 66)

September 9, 2023 @ 7:00 am – 5:50 pm
Zia Rd. Rail Runner Station
Clemente McFarlane
(505) 819-7311

200km excursion from the Zia Road Rail Runner Station in Santa Fe to Los Lunas (South of Albuquerque) via Moriarty/Route 66, passing through many locales in Albuqu and the surrounding areas, then heading to the Los Lunas Rail Runner Stationcatching the train back to Santa Fe.

Departure time from the Zia Road Rail Runner Station will be on *Saturday, Sept. 9th, 2023 at about 7:00am as we will have about 9hrs. or so to complete the brevet. Multiple resupply stops will be available along the route, but time spent at stops will not be too long as we will have to maintain an average of tempo speed of about 21km/hr (13mi/hr) for the 5:50pm train to complete the endeavor.

A front and rear light would be recommended as we will be arriving home as the dark will be upon us. We will be passing several stops for food, but it would be advised to bring your burritos, meal replacements, electrolytes, etc. to compensate for some areas. While the brevet will mostly be a no-drop ride, please be aware that riders who are attempting to complete the full route will have to maintain a certain pace to catch the train. Riders may be satisfied with a shorter ride such as just reaching Albuquerque.

Of course, please be aware that this is a fully self-supported ride for your personal enjoyment and is taken at your own risk! If you feel that you may be limited in your abilities to complete the ride, have someone ready to pick you up along the route as this ride is dependent that we catch the train back to Santa Fe in due time. Sirius Cycles will assume no responsibility for any mishaps or accidents during this ride.

Map of route via Ride With GPS can be found here…

Below Route Map is a schedule for NM Railrunner Trains back towards Santa Fe. Attention as to which train you choose to return on! 

Resupply Stops and Rail Runner Stations (just to name a few):

-Phillips 66 (@17km)

-Moriarty Foods (@83km)

-Smith’s in Edgewood (@96km)

-Smith’s (@128km) or Phillips 66 (@130km)

-Smith’s (@135km)

-Whole Foods Market (@143km)

-Circle K Convenience Store (@155km.)

-Downtown Albuquerque Rail Runner Station (@160km)

-Bernalillo County Rail Runner Station (@170km)

-Circle K Convenience Store (171km)

-Isleta Pueblo Rail Runner Station (183km)

-Isleta Grill & Convenience Store (184km)

-Dollar General Store (195km)

-Smith’s (@201km)

-Los Lunas Rail Runner Station (@205.3km)

Distance: 205.3km (127.6mi.)
Elevation Gain: 1229m (4032.2ft.)
Hours to Complete: 9-10hrs.

*If there is any chance of rain showers, high wind speeds or other factors that will not allow the brevet to occur, we will not be participating.