Father’s Day Jaunt with the youth… 👨‍👧🤗📚


Today I got to spend the day with my youth on the e-cargo bike around Santa Fe, doing things she wanted to do, as well as myself, but mostly wherever she wanted to visit.

Much to my surprise and delight, as I was getting ready form the excursion, she was busy preparing a greeting that I was not expecting, a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message using items from nature as her medium. Due to amount of work that has been coming through the shop these last weeks it has been difficult to be creative in, sometimes, even the smallest ways. So it was like a sense of discovery that we can be creative with just what is around your yard.  

First we made it Target to get some new shoes as her old ones were fast becoming a nuisance due to her ever-expanding feet. Afterwards, Michaels’s was our next stop for various threads and yarn for various art projects.The mural on the COE Center for the Arts is always one that I check in passing, but I have not had the chance to view it up close. Whoever the artist for that mural is immensely talented and I hope they have more opportunities to paint other buildings around Santa Fe as they contain a certain magic that could prove beneficial.

Before our final stop for the day, which was going to be the Santa Fe Plaza, a quick trip inside Collected Works Bookstore was in order as she is a veracious reader, swallowing books whole as soon as she gets her fingertips on them. One of her favorites is Katie the CatSitter, but I myself am an adventure seeker in books, so I recommend ‘The Search for Wondla’, which much to my delight is also available to check out at the Santa Fe Public Library! Hopefully she takes my recommendation.

Once we exited Collected Works, we ended up running into some friends who let us know that the Juneteenth Celebration was already on-going at the Santa Fe Plaza. I was under the impression that it was commencing in the evening, so we all made our way down there to partake in the atmosphere and get down for a bit. Vendors abound, many jokes and stories told, intense discussions seen and music & dance capped off a day that we embraced.

Keep coming’ through Santa Fe. Some days you never seem to disappoint…