Keep. It. Spinnin’. (In Your Abode…)

I have been surprising looking forward to the arrival of some atmospheric moisture for us here in Santa Fe, and it appears that we hopefully will be seeing more of it in the next few months.

Most of the time my days usually begin at 5:30am and by about 7:00-7:30am I am on my indoor trainer set-up sweating out some kilometers to start the work day. If there is not enough time in the morning, then the evening will have to suffice after my duties have been completed.

At Sirius Cycles there are many types of indoor trainers from which to choose, from manual control trainers to smart trainers. While budgets and your living quarters (apartments, homes, condos, etc…) may vary, there is surely a trainer that may fit your needs. We currently stock trainers from Tacx and from Wahoo Fitness as well as bluetooth speed and cadence sensors to elevate and enhance your fitness goals.

Please feel free to inquire with a shop visit with any questions you may have to make the right selection for your goals and aspirations.

-Sirius Cycles