“La Ultima Vuelta de Santa Fe” Randonnée

A concept of a route from the mind of Nat Shipman, professional touring guide for much of Northern New Mexico. The idea was to complete 161kms (100mi.) around much of Santa Fe, without being too distant from the city, while traversing roads that one does not cross twice.While we do have the Santa Fe Century every May, there are times when I feel the route could be change or altered to see new places due to the fantastic scenery this city contains.
Being that Nat is a touring guide for locals and tourists alike, whenever he visits the shop we often get into conversations of the places he has recently visited or intends to. These are the times where routes like this are proposed, 161km. of riding, taking in some challenging terrain as well as the rider getting a sense of what Santa Fe has to offer. 

Starting from the Santa Fe Plaza, in a few kilometers/miles you are already climbing some very steep grades. Occasionally I find this positive as it gets much of the elevation gain out of the way early. I will say that though I have ridden many of these roads in the past, some of route I have not traversed for well over a decade, while others I have never ridden before, surprising me with areas that I have missed since living in Santa Fe!

Perhaps the organizers of the Santa Fe Century could take note of such a route as I feel it gives riders and tourists a well-rounded representation of the different topographies and communities this city has to offer. Yes, the SF Century has tradition as its forte. It also may be that safety is also key factor due to it remoteness, but will all the beauty that surrounds this area there could be a bit more scenery thrown into a springtime ride that folks may look forward to.

Planning your ride is key as there are several areas to refuel, especially with the temperatures hovering in the +30C’s (+90F’s) during our ride. When we were almost through with the rando, Upper Crust Pizza in El Dorado had us covered with a large pie and several pints of beer to round out the day. (Nothing is free on this ride; of course we had to pay.)

Nat, I salute you as that was an excellent route your masterminded! I’ll definitely do that one again in the future as it left me wanting more. But when life calls you back for your home and family responsibilities, no complaints are allowed. I’ll catch you again…, “La Ultima Vuelta de Santa Fe” Randonnée

Ride With GPS Route can be found here…