#mobilitymondays (Strolling Agua Fria Street…)

There are days when I just have to get out and experience the place I call home now (22-23 years…) for various reasons. Sometimes a bike ride can serve as canvas to be painted using the changing topography as your palette. I am able to take in Santa Fe from different angles, illuminated buy the different degrees of sun rays bouncing off the landscape throughout the year.

On two separate occasions, the street of Agua Fria was used as the backdrop for me to witness Santa Fe. After a recent rain shower, I headed all the way down Airport Road until where Agua Fria Street begins. The road will take you from the southside of Santa Fe all the way to downtown where it culminates at The Shrine of Our Lady Guadalupe.

The next time I ventured out the day was much more pleasant with the recent arrival of snow dusting the Sangre de Cristo Mountains one can almost see from the City Different.

One will get a sense traveling Agua Fria Street in either direction that Santa Fe, New Mexico has many vibrant cultures, from horse-caring stables, homes and businesses decades, perhaps centuries old, to the more “modern” and recent changes that the city has undergone in the more recent years.

Granted, there is not much of a shoulder for a good portion of the street, so one must travel with a watchful eye of closely passing vehicles. Rest assured though, all the cars that passed me gave me a wide berth to work with. Nevertheless, I recommend folks who do not travel this stretch of road much to give a try and see what you discover during your jaunt.