What a joy it was to go and select a tree for the Christmas holidays as we were able to go via cargo bike.
This was something that I have been wanting to do since 2019, but it seemed that something would come up to prevent his from happening. Heavier snow on the roads, temperatures too low to go outside on the bike, slick roads, etc…

The sun shined just enough to free up some space for us to get out and do this and was very rewarding for both of us. It allowed us to travel slower using our own energy (we did use an e-CargoBike by the way…) and provided ample time to converse and decide on what type of tree we anticipated in getting.
Traveling by cargo bike together has definitely enriched our relationship and continues to grow the more we get around like this and are both looking forward to more days like this.

A BIG shout-out to the woman in the image who got us the perfect tree!