(Open Cycle U.P. + ENVE) X Campagnolo Ekar Limited Edition…


This machine came out nice…!

I remember when I first saw images from Open Cycle about their new design for a model called the Open U.P. (Unbeaten Path…?) sometime in time 2016 or so, I was not exactly sue what I was looking at. Dropped chainstays to maintain a shorter wheelbase with the ability to incorporate a wide wheel and tire combination, it seemed like they were on to something.

I had heard the at they were going to be at the now defunct Interbike Bicycle Expo and I had to make sure I took a visit to their booth to see and ride the bike. Their design was so radical, it had to turn some heads who were interested. I believe later that year while I was riding the Caja del Rio Trails I saw one of the U.P.’s under someone who he then told me he worked for Outside Magazine and was test-riding the machine for their ‘Bicycle of the Year’ category. We chatted briefly and I let him know that that bike would win bicycle of the year for that magazine. He seemed a little skeptical about my thoughts but, in fact, it did receive said honor.

While sometimes these bikes are out of reach for many folks, there are some who want such a versatile bike for the different terrain that New Mexico can throw at them. And so it goes that someone brought one in to the shop to be built for them. A limited-edition 1 of 30… 👏🏾

Frame & Fork: Open U.P.

Drivetrain: Campagnolo Ekar

Stem, Handlebars and Seatpost : ENVE Composites

Wheels:  Fulcrum Wheels

Tires:  Vittoria Terreno

Bartape:  Supacaz

Saddle: Brooks C13