Sirius Cycles completes its 11th…

Every November Sirius Cycles completes its annual rotation around the Sun and this month marks its 11th. We would like to give thanks and express how much gratitude the shop and the folks who continually support the space has given us.

During the times before its conception, there was some doubt as to whether such an idea would come to fruition, given that I was going to open a bicycle shop in a side of town that some folks considered “too far away” (“All the way over there?”) or that it may not succeed being that it was not close to downtown Santa Fe, some even suggesting the the surrounding demographics did not earn enough to support such an endeavor. Giving these thoughts no attention, I persisted with the idea that I had developed in the halls of the Santa Fe Community College, went to the local Small Business Development Center and followed the detailed instructions of how to open such an establishment, and waited for the permission papers to proceed.

While I have to say that it not as easy as it may appear given these words, I had to have confidence that the shop would get the support from the riders and patrons around the vicinity (and much of New Mexico for that matter…!).

As we now enter our 12th cycle, I have got some randonnées (“randos”), rides & events planned that hopefully will make 2024 a memorable one for all those who take part.

Again, MANY THANKS to everyone for your continued support!

-Clemente & Family…