*Sirius Cycles is not capable of stocking all brands in-house due to limited square footage, but we can make them available to you upon request for Special Order.










Whether it is your local commute to school or work, race-day on the circuit, or the touring adventure that you have been planning for quite some time, Sirius Cycles will have you covered. With a selection of popular brands to choose from, Sirius Cycles can build you the custom bicycle that you want and can personalize your ride to fit your needs. We also have access to select BMX bicycles brands, so please inquire within as to what is available through Sirius Cycles.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: All-City, Burley, Civia Cycles, Fiction BMX Bikes, Intense BMX Bikes, Orbea Bicycles, Soma Fabrications, State Bicycle CompanySurlyVoodoo Cycles



Choosing the right parts can dramatically increase your riding enjoyment and help you to reach your riding goals. Whether you are doing a custom build or making repairs to your existing bike, we stock (or can special order) parts for every level of cyclist and have experienced mechanics to install and tune them properly.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Avid, Campagnolo, Cane Creek, FSAPaul Components, Shimano, SRAM, Surly, Tektro


Many technological advancements have been made in both road and mountain bike fork design. A performance road fork can shave weight from your bike, improve handling and soften road shocks. Suspension mountain bike forks can greatly improve your traction, handling and riding enjoyment.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Surly, 3T


Pedals mainly fall into two categories: Clipless and Platform. Clipless pedals have a special mechanism that attaches your foot to the pedal using a special cleat mounted to the bottom of your cycling specific shoe. This type of pedal creates a very efficient connection between you and your bike. Platform pedals make stepping off the pedals for balance or maneuvering easy and smooth. They are a great choice for BMX, freeriding, downhill, dirt jumping and beginner riders who may want to put a foot down often or very quickly.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: MKS, Shimano, Wellgo


Many saddles come in different widths to accommodate different body types, so we at Sirius Cycles can help you make that decision as to which saddle might best suits you.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Brooks, Fizik, Selle Italia, Selle San Marco, Terry, WTB


The benefits of equipping your bike with a well engineered, quality headset are saving time and money as well as improving handling and your riding enjoyment.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Campagnolo, Cane Creek, FSA


Handlebars, Stems and Seatposts are important components for determining fit and comfort to your bicycle. Handlebars come in many sizes, shapes and curves to accommodate your riding style and comfort. Stems come in a variety of lengths and rise (the angle) and are easily swapped to give you the perfect reach, or extension, to your handlebars. Seatposts are available in various lengths, materials and seat tube diameters to suit most bicycles and riders. Suspension seatposts incorporate suspension technologies to improve comfort and support.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: American ClassicCinelli, Crank BrothersDeda Elementi, Dimension, Fizik, Kalloy, Profile Design, Ritchey, Salsa, Thomson, 3T, Zipp


Tape for drop style handlebars (for road and track bikes) provide grip and comfort and come in a variety of colors, patterns and materials. Grips are primarily made of firm or soft molded rubber and are used for comfort and to keep from slipping off the ends of upright handlebars.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Cinelli, Deda ElementiFizik, Lizard Skins, ODI, Oury, Profile Design



Cyclometers, Heart Rate Monitors and GPS units improve your training techniques and overall fitness with science and technology.  Take the guesswork out of distance, speed, cadence, heart rate, altitude and route maps with the assistance of computers! There are computers suitable for every level of rider. Integrating Computers and Heart Rate monitors to reach your goals help keep you on track by providing accurate measurements.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: CatEye, Polar, Shimano


Avoid the disappointment and expense of having your bike or bike parts stolen by choosing the right lock for how and where you leave your bike secured when you are not using it. Cable locks are great for locking your bike up for short term errands or when you still have your bike in sight, whereas U-Locks, used with cable locks for your wheels or bolt on skewers for your seatpost and wheels, are more secure if you need to lock your bike up for the day or longer. Locks come in many different sizes and weights to suit all types of cyclists.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Kryptonite, OnGuard, Knog


Lights are simply one of the most important bicycle accessories you need to be safe and to be seen by motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists. Lights designed to make you visible to others are easily installed, lightweight and inexpensive -these lights are suitable for brightly lit urban streets and short commutes. Lighting systems designed to give you visibility on darker roads, longer commutes and trail riding/competition are ultra-bright and rechargeable.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: CatEye, Knog, NiteRider, Planet Bike, Portland Design Works


Owning a bicycle pump will make keeping your tubes inflated to the recommended p/s/i (printed on the sidewall of most bicycle tires) stress free and easy. Bicycle pumps are designed to accommodate both types of valve types (Schrader or Presta) and are easy to use. There are two types of pumps – floor pumps and frame pumps. The floor pump stays at home and gets frequent use; the frame pump goes with you on the road and is generally reserved for roadside repairs.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Lezyne, Park Tool, Silca, Topeak


If you are someone who doesn’t let a rainy or snowy day keep you from heading out on your bike, fenders are your best friend. Full fenders offer the best protection and are securely mounted to your frame. Clip-on fenders may be a better choice for those who don’t want fenders installed on their bike all the time or if you do not have enough clearance for full fenders. They are easy to install and remove and are lightweight and affordable.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Civia Cycles, Planet Bike, Portland Design Works, SKS, Topeak


In addition to being fun and healthy, bicycles can also be utilitarian! Allow your bike to bear the bulk weight of locks, gear, bags, groceries and laptops by installing a front or rear rack. You can attach bags, panniers and many child carriers to most racks. Baskets are also a great way to accessorize your bike and carry extra gear.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Axiom, Civia Cycles, Delta, Jandd, Portland Design WorksSurly, Topeak, Wald…


If riding bikes is a big part of your life, having a child doesn’t have to slow you down. Attaching a child seat to your bike allows you to share the enjoyment of cycling with your child. Safe, comfortable for the child and easily detachable, child seats are made for family fun!

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Burley, SunLite, Topeak



No single part of equipment affects performance on the bike as much as your wheels do. A high quality wheelset is one of the most important upgrades you can make to your bicycle. Whether you are looking for the strength of a traditionally laced wheel or the speed of an aerodynamic design, Sirius Cycles has at our disposal a selection of wheelsets (for special order), as well as hubs, rims, spokes and wheel building experience for custom wheel builds.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Alex, American Classic, Crank Brothers, FSA, Foer Rims, Fulcrum, Halo, H Plus Son RimsProfile Design, SRAM, Velocity, WTB, Zipp


Bicycle tires are a cyclist’s connection to the earth – they provide grip and cornering in all types of weather and riding conditions. Traction, handling and control are essential, but resisting punctures and durability are also important. Most bicycles still have tires with tubes inside, but tubeless tires are also beginning to become popular for mountain biking – the advantage of tubeless tires is the ability to run lower pressures with very little risk of flatting, even on extreme terrain.  Sirius Cycles has at our disposal a selection of tires from 12″ to 29er to tires to fit nearly every type of bicycle and rider’s requirements.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Clement, Continental, Halo, Michelin, Ritchey, Schwalbe, WTB



Most of us require a way to carry all the extra things needed during the course of a day. Whether you are heading off to school, work, errands or extended travels, a comfortable bag to pack your gear is essential. Sirius Cycles carries (and can special order) an assortment of durable, rugged, and colorful messenger bags, laptop bags and backpacks for bicycle commuters, racers and everyone else, too!

In addition to being fun, bicycles can also be a main source of transportation for commuting, light touring and long distance expeditions. Having your bike carry your gear for you is more efficient and physically practical for longer distances and heavy loads. We have durable panniers suitable for carrying groceries home from the market, laptops to and from work, and all the gear you need on a bicycle tour.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles:  Axiom, Chrome, Delta, Jandd, Ortlieb, Timbuk2



There are two main types of rear racks: trunk-mounted and hitch-mounted. The trunk-mounted rack is attached to the car with straps and the hitch-mounted rack is attached to the car by way of a pre-installed receiver hitch. Trunk-mounted racks are available for two, three, and four bikes. Hitch-mounted are available for two, three, four, and five bikes.

Roof racks offer the kind of versatility rear racks do not since they can carry many different combinations of items – a bicycle and a kayak, a bicycle and a storage compartment, multiple bicycles, etc. Roof racks are available for vehicles with and without factory racks, and can comfortably carry up to five bicycles depending on the vehicle’s model.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: Kuat, Saris, Thule, Yakima



Cycling trainers convert road, mountain, track, and tandem bikes to a high performance, indoor exerciser. Like an outdoor ride, you can use your bicycle’s gear(s) and the faster you pedal, the harder the resistance. Anyone with a bike can now exercise anytime in any weather in the safety of their own house.

Top cyclists and beginners alike use rollers for warming up, perfecting their spin, and working out indoors.

*Brands Available | For Special Order at Sirius Cycles: CycleOps, Elite, Kreitler, Kurt Kinetic, Tacx