Sirius Cycles Shop Labor Rates (Services are based on a rate of $65 per hour.)

Tune-Ups | Overhauls

$49 Safety Check or Basic Single Speed

(Geared Bike)
-Minor Bearing Adjustment (Bottom Bracket, Hubs, & Headset)
-Check/Adjust Torque Of All Critical Bolts (Headset, Crankset, Pedals, Stem, …)
-Derailleur & Brake Adjustment
-Chain Lubrication and Basic Lubrication
-Tire Inflation

(Single Speed)
-Minor Frame, Fork, and Drive-Train Cleaning
-Bearing Adjustment (Bottom Bracket, Hubs, & Headset)
-Brake Adjustment & Pivot Lubrication
-General Wheel Truing/Alignment
-Cable and Housing Lubrication (If Applicable)
-Tire Inflation-Chain Lubrication
-Check/Adjust Torque Of All Critical Bolts (Headset, Crankset, Pedals, Stem, …)

$75 Basic Tune 
-Hand Cleaning of Frame, Fork, and Drive-Train 
-Bearing Adjustment (Bottom Bracket, Hubs, & Headset)
-Derailleur & Brake Adjustment
-General Wheel Truing/Alignment
-Cable and Housing Lubrication 
-Derailleur and Brake Pivot Lubrication
-Front/Rear Hub Adjustment
-Tire Inflation-Chain Lubrication
-Check/Adjust Torque Of All Critical Bolts (Headset, Crankset, Pedals, Stem, …)

$159(+) Major Tune
Basic Tune-Up Plus:
-Complete Disassembly of Bike Down To The Frame
-Thorough Cleaning of Frame and Drive-Train in Cleaning Solvent
-Reassembly of Bicycle With New Bearings and Grease (As Needed)
-Installation Of New Cables and Housing (If Applicable)
(Bicycle may need replacement of certain parts and/or components. If need be, additional charges will apply.)

Bicycle Builds & Assembly

Bicycle Builds
$89(+) (Contact us for a quote)

Bicycle Assembly 
$99(+) (From box-ship. This is a tune up.)

Box Bike for Shipping

$55+ (Dependent on packing requirements.)

Wheels, Hubs & Tubes (Adjustments, Builds, Overhauls,…)


Tube/Tire Installation $8-$10
True Goo Sealant (for tubes) $5/4 oz 
Stans Sealant (for tubeless) $2.50/oz
True Wheel $10-$20
Replace Spoke $10-$25
Front Hub Overhaul $15
Rear Hub Overhaul $15-$30
Front Wheel Build $50
Rear Wheel Build $60

Derailleur | Drivetrain

Derailleur Adjustment $10
Derailleur Replacement $20
Install/Replace Cassette, Freewheel, or Cog $8-$10
Install Chain $10
Install Pedals $5
Replace Brake or Shift Cable and Adjust $12-$15

Steering (Headset & Bottom Bracket)
Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $10-$15
Repack/Replace Bottom Bracket or Headset $20-$30
Change Stem and/or Handlebar $15-$30
Cut Steerer Tube $20
Install Headset $20
Tape Handlebars $10
Install Fork (includes cutting steer tube) $29-$40
Removal or installation of cups (Frame only) $5-15


Adjust Rear or Front Brake $5-$10
Install Brakes (Each Brake) $10-$15
Replace Cable and Adjust $5-$10
Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $15
Replace Brake Pads (all types) – per wheel price $5

Mechanical/Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Installation Set-Up – per wheel price $20-$25
Replace Pads $10

Precision Frame Services

Chase & Face Bottom Bracket $25-$50
Re-Align Rear Derailleur Hanger $10-$15
Re-Align Rigid Fork $15-$29

Accessory Installation

Blackburn (or similar) Rear Rack $10-$20
Baby Seat (purchased from Sirius Cycles) $10
Fenders $5-$20
Kickstand $3-$10
Aerobars $15-$40
Computer Install Single/Dual Pickup $5-$15
Computer Battery Install and Reprogram $5
Heart Rate Monitor $10
All other accessories $5 and UP