Yuba e-Cargo Bikes Demo Today, March 11…

Suffice to say the my life revolves around bicycles these many years. And not just myself, but our family as well. For grocery runs I sometime use my cargo bike. When we had our daughter in school several miles from where we live, she and I did our best to arrive at school via cargo bike, much to the amusement of the other students, mouths agape as we pulled up to the entrance in our electric chariot.

And I especially use it to get product & merchandise for the shop, shuttle items to the post office, and when the weather is pleasant, invite one of my daughter’s friends along with her to a local park of their choice.

Yuba Bikes will be offering the chance to demo a few of their own electric cargo bikes today, Thursday, March 11, at Sirius Cycles from about 10am-1pm.

Yuba e-Supermarché

They will have their new Kombi E-5, the long-tail Spicy Curry and the ever-capable e-Supermarché. Feel free to stop by if possible and enjoy a go on one of these special machines and see if any resonate with you.

Catch you soon.