Yuba Spicy Curry “Fast” (From Zero to 28mph/45kph, eventually…😃)

While I’m humorously using the word “eventually”, it was a surprise to me that the one of the Spicy Curry models from Yuba Bikes actually came in a Class 3 configuration.

More and more, customers now are considering not purchasing a second vehicle or selling their second car/truck altogether to acquire a cargo bike, one that particularly goes a bit faster than a Class 2 (20mph/32kph max speed…).


A customer from Albuquerque decided on this Matte Blue Spicy Curry with the capacity to carry both their children, one of them being a toddler.

Getting them to school🏫and daycare will be much quicker, not to mention the grocery shopping 🛒, work👨🏻‍💻 and errands in between.